JOSEITO - La Maxima 79 (Vinyl)

JOSEITO - La Maxima 79 (Vinyl)

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La Maxima 79 - bringing you back to the golden era of salsa. After conquering the hearts of salsa lovers all over the world with their immensely successful debut album “Regresando al Guaguanco” from 2013, La Maxima 79 is back with their second production “Joseito”. Once again this Italy-based orchestra is ready to shake up the salsa scene worldwide. The orchestra's goal is the same as for the first album; to revive the golden era of salsa but with a new and modern sound. A sound that will drive all dancers to the dance floor once again. Bandleader and founder Fabrizio Zoro is still the driving force of the orchestra and responsible for all ideas, lyrics and songs. New on this album is that all arrangements are done by the new musical director Tony Velardi from Turin. Tony Velardi is one of Europe's best pianists with more than 20 years salsa experience and has worked with esteemed musicians like Tony Vega, Maelo Ruiz and many more. While maintaining the sound that made the orchestra a dancers favorite, on “Joseito” they do try new styles and rhythms. The Changui and the Guajira, two traditional Cuban rhythms are part of a small tribute to Cuba. But of course the biggest part of the album is filled with the styles that made them famous: Guaguanco’, Cha Cha Cha and Pachanga. In the music business they keep saying that it’s hard to follow up a successful debut album but La Maxima 79 is more than confident that “Joseito” will bring the band to the next level and again will challenge dancers worldwide and capture the hearts of salsa lovers. A special thanks to all the DJs, dancers and dance teachers for their support.

Barcode: 193428690776

Catalog no.: SMY-LAT 044