About us

iLatin Music comes from the collaboration of three labels: Smayra Publishing and Abanico Records. We have combined our professionalism and our strength to bring you the best of the Latin world.

Smayra Publishing is a music publishing company founded in 2012 in Milan that has as its main objective the creation, support, dissemination of musical and related works and the enhancement of all forms of art directly or indirectly related to music.
The Company was founded by Fabrizio Zoro and Laura Fossati, two heterogeneous figures by competence but strongly united by their passion for the musical world.
Fabrizio Zoro is the artistic director and has years of experience and a significant international popularity as a DJ and music producer. Mainly linked to Latin music, he follows many other stylistic forms, which help him to constantly improve the musical intuitions of the recording projects in progress.
Laura Fossati possesses a more administrative competence for the management of all matters related to copyright, musical editions, the protection of works and also guarantees important advice to the authors and composers who collaborate with Smayra Publishing.
Annual planning structure the activity, in constant development, of the Company which, although young, already has international successes and a program for the future of considerable interest.
Thanks to an important partnership with "I Art Studios", Smayra Publishing can count on complete autonomy in pre-production, in the recording of music and on the development of the entire recording project.
An ever increasing network of contacts between professionals and the public offers an appreciable visibility and promotion to outgoing publications.
Market and relationship strategies; technical, musical and managerial competence; enhancement of human resources and creativity; breadth of views, experimentation, search for objectives, verification of results; all this contributes to ensuring authors, composers, interpreters and co-producers the best possible return, both economic and of popularity, that they require and that Smayra Publishing will be able to foster.

Abanico Records is a label that is part of Smayra Publishing managed by DJ Alexio (Alessio Grossi). Abanico Records is a label for a musical project born in the '70s with a vintage sound much appreciated especially for lovers of the "salsa vieja" where you can imagine and feel the intense perfume of the wonderful' 70s. Since 2016 Abanico Records is also a producer and distributor of other international bachata and salsa artists with different styles, in order to see more modern, for a stronger recognition in the world of world music. Since 2016 these are some records produced by Abanico Records: René Alvarez (Abriendo los Caminos) - El Chino y la Diferencia (Mamboland) - iLatin Compilation Vol. 1 - Bachata Sensual Compilation - Pietro Mingarelli y su Generacion 73 (Hecho en Cuba) - New Swing Sextet (The Que Te Traigo - we're producing the new album), The Willy Torres Orchestra (On Another Path) - Mr. Don (De Luxe) - Dany Noel (Por La Habana) - Besides the production of records, Abanico Records manages the rights in Italy and in Europe of important artists (Mr. Don New Swing Sextet, Esme and many others).
Without a doubt the most active label of the iLatin Music brand